How to get back the earned badges and previous game progress?

It takes a lot of efforts, patience and dedicated hours of a gamer to earn the badges and ratings in Pogo Games. Badges and ratings represents the performance of each gamer in a particular level or a game, that distinguishes the achievements of gamers in that particular game. You must be logged in, in order to access your badges and the ratings that you had earned in you earlier session.

If you have queries or need help, you can access Pogo Customer Support. There are different gamers that come together at the same time on the website of Pogo Games which at times causes a difficulty for other gamers to log in and other difficulties including the access to their badges, ratings and tokens. In case you are also not able to access you badges, it is suggested by Pogo Helpline that you wait for a while and try again after sometime.

There are few browsers, including Google Chrome which do not support the website of Pogo games. It is because Java is not supported in such browsers and also accounts for trouble to log in. Pogo Customer Support team is available to help you avoid such common errors and provide you with instant support services. If you are able to log in and continue your game from previous session but still not able to review your badges or ratings get help from Pogo Helpline, may be your subscriptions has collapsed. You will be required to reactivate your account in order to get back all the features. Following steps will help you to reactivate your account.

  1. Open the website in supported browser and click on the ‘Sign In’ option.
  1. Sign In with your Pogo Screen name and password.
  1. You will see an ‘Edit billing information’ link button, click on it.
  1. You will see the status of your account under the section of ‘My Subscription Information’. In case you have already revived your subscription but it is not updated in the section, it is better that you contact the Pogo Helpline before proceeding.
  1. Select the ‘Re-activate’ button under the ‘Options’ sections.

Once, you have clicked on the button, you will be directed to the ‘Sign up’ Page. You can select your plan and other billing information to reactivate your account. Your account will be reactivated and you will be able to continue with your game. Feel free to contact Pogo Customer Support for further any assistance.